This is a showcase of German language projects submitted by EU2102 as part of their module requirements. The main objective of the projects is to encourage students to discover the immense amount of information available in the German language and to promote the use of the Net as a virtual resource centre for their learning. At the same time, students will gain an opportunity to apply their language skills and reach out to other Net users.

Do take time to look at the projects and try out the myriad of pages (some of which are truly creative!). Some of the projects include exercises and quizzes and will serve as additional learning materials for learners of the language.

Before you begin, you might want to get to know the students. Click to view the class photographs of lecture group 1 and lecture group 2.

To view the projects, just click on the titles below



1. Willkommen in Berlin (Cassandra, Joycelyn und Serene)

2. Projekt Käse (Elizabeth Lau, Florence, Harold und Jeannie)

3. Feste in Singapur (Jelita, Julie und Ravi)

4. München (Cindy, Elizabeth Neo und Olivia)

5. Chinesische Feste in Singapur (Carrie, Jennifer und Seow Ling)

6. Deutsche Speisen und Getränke (Ranji und Thiam Sin)

7. Deutsche Kindergeschichten aus dem 19. Jahrhundert (Dinah und Marianne)

8. Die Schlösser von König Ludwig II (Audrey, Bann Seng, Bun Sze)

9. Einen Draufmachen (Audrey Tan, Dzurina, Rita)

10. Kleine Sammlung von interessanten Links (Malathi und Sharon)


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