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LAG3203 German for Academic Purposes

General Information

The new GAP podcasts for this semester will typically appear at the beginning of the week, usually on a Monday. To subscribe, use this RSS feed: http://courseware.nus.edu.sg/e-daf/podcast/lag3203.xml

Note: The podcasts may be between 8 and 12 MB in size. When you click on the mp3 file link below, it may thus take a while for the file to download. We recommend that you use a podcatcher which can update the podcasts automatically, working in the background.

The 4 podcasts below are from LAG3203 German for academic Purposes, AY08/09, Sem II. As they are of high interest in terms of German language learning (listening, pronunciation and grammar) as well as in terms of general information pertaining to studying and living in Germany and Switzerland, it is highly recommended that you download and listen to the MP3-files prepared by Dr. Chan and Mrs. Chen. In addition, we recommend that you also print the handouts and follow the exercises and tasks as indicated. You can check you answers with the respective answer keys. 

In addition to these 4 podcasts from the last academic year, there will soon be more in line with the topics under discussion in class.  We will keep you updated!

Podcast 1 

Die Inhalte dieses Podcasts: 1) Ein Interview mit einer NUS-Studentin mit HV-Übung; 2) Wiederholung des Perfekts mit Sprechübungen; und 3) im "Uni-Panorama" Informationen zum Thema "Studentenaustausch in Deutschland"

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Podcast 2 

Die Inhalte dieses Podcasts: 1) im "Uni-Panorama" zum Thema "Orchideenfach"; 2) Wiederholung des Passivs mit Sprechübungen; und 3) Hörverständnisübung – Ein Gespräch im Sekretariat

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Podcast 3 

Die Inhalte dieses Podcasts: 1) Karneval; 2) im "Uni-Panorama": "Universitätsprofessor"; 3) Plusquamperfekt: Bildung und Gebrauch

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Podcast 4 

Die Inhalte dieses Podcasts: 1) im "Uni-Panorama": "Studentisches Wohnen"; 2) Konjunktiv II

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