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LAG2201 German 2

* The podcast cover shows the WWII Holocaust Memorial in Berlin.

General Information

German 2 podcast lessons will appear weekly in this semester, typically at the end of the week, on a Friday on Saturday. The main units of the podcast will consist of MP3 audio files. In addition, there will be a video unit once every two weeks as well.

We recommend that you subscribe to the podcast using a podcatcher such as iTunes or the podcast app on your iPhone/iPad. To subscribe, use this RSS feed: http://courseware.nus.edu.sg/e-daf/podcast/lag2201.xml

If you have iTunes on your computer, you can click here to subscribe.

Note: The audio files may be up to 15-25 MB in size, while the video files are expected to be larger, up till perhaps 50 MB in size. When you click on the MP3 and Video links below, it may thus take a while for the file to download. A fast broadband connection is thus highly recommended.  



Updated on 16 May 2018