ektronisches Selbstlernzentrum fr Deutsch als Fremdsprache

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Advanced Level
Course Materials, Notes & Exercises for
LAG4201, LAG4202, LAG4203 & LAG42024
Teachers' Room
Information on & for German Language Staff
in Centre for Language Studies
Intermediate Level
Course Materials, Notes & Exercises for
LAG3201, LAG3202 & LAG3203
Search for Exercises and Notes  here (incl. those not listed in the course study paths)
Beginners' Level
Course Materials, Notes & Exercises for
LAG1201 & LAG2201
Information, Reports & Pictures
Facts & Pictures of our Courses,
Events & Co-curricular Activities
Links to Websites for German Language Learning, German Culture & More!
Audio-Video Room
Audio & Video Materials Online for
German Language & Culture
Chat Room
Discussion Forums & Chat Rooms
for All Levels
Project Showcase
Projects of Past and Current German Language Students