Self-Access English Learning Facility (SELF) is located near the reception area/the main entrance of the Centre for English Language Communication Building. SELF offers resources and facilities that help students improve their English skills on their own, at their own pace, and in their own time.
The online version, ITSELF, provides links to language learning websites with materials to improve students’ grammar, vocabulary, listening, reading and writing skills. It also provides them with downloadable worksheets, Breeze tutorials and course specific materials created by lecturers at CELC. Students can access ITSELF via any computers with Internet connection.

SELF and ITSELF are solely for the use of NUS students and community.

We look forward to seeing you at SELF.



If you are interested in learning how to read more, read faster and understand better, this is the place to go. The reading section offers theme-based readings for you to enhance your reading comprehension. It offers reading links, practices on reading skills such as skimming and scanning, recognizing text-structures and much more. Remember you will never be able to write well without sufficient reading, so start reading here and now.


How often do you feel that you have ideas, but do not know how to express them precisely and concisely in English? Have you remembered a lot of single words off a word list, but when it comes to use them, you feel helpless? The vocabulary section offers you links to free on-line dictionaries, vocabulary games and vocabulary lists and most important of all, it introduces collocation learning, which aims to help you learn how to USE words through paying attention to how words combine to make meaning. Explore this section to learn how.


Is grammar boring? Not necessarily so if you see grammar explanations in power point slides or hear a lecturer’s voice of explanation. You can work on interactive grammar practices here and know your results immediately and take quizzes on various grammar areas. You can also explore the many grammar links in this section to learn more about any grammar area of interest to you.


Fearful of writing? Writing well is not a mission impossible if you learn the “know-hows”. The writing section gives introductions to writing skills, shows you how to write paragraphs of different patterns of organization, how to write essays and how to acknowledge sources using proper citation and references.